Surplus Material - Tubulars - Imperial

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2017 

Welcome to Alpine Tubular Management & Supply’s OCTG Surplus page. Our goal with collecting and delivering this information is to create a connection to material that fulfills a requirement and a achieve a cost savings for all parties involved.

Below is a list of items that our clients have deemed surplus and available for purchase. All material is assumed to be in ‘New’ condition an un-used but inspections are always recommended as material is sold ‘as-is where is’. In most cases our client will accept offers on the below material but may have a recovery price in mind. We will do our best to maintain the most up to date information but due to the dynamic nature of our business all material and quantities should be confirmed.

If your company has any items to add to this list we would welcome the opportunity to share those items with our network.

All inquiries and requests can be sent to or reached by phone at 403-481-1725.

Quantity (ft)Size (inches)Weight (lbs/ft)GradeConnection
9,8562 3/84.7J55EUE TK99
8,8522 3/84.7L80EUE Modified
6,1233 1/29.2J55VAM-FJL
17,8154 1/211.6L80LTC
20,1004 1/211.6P110TSH Blue
15,6204 1/213.5P110TSH Blue
45,3004 1/210.5J55LTC
173,8004 1/210.5J55LTC
22,379518.0P110Plain End
18,8425 23.2P110ECVAM SG
25,8695 1/220.0L80LTC
73,7685 1/220.0T95TSH-W625
38,4865 1/220.0P110VAMTOP-HC
37,4955 1/215.5J55SAGD Blue
10,9975 1/226.0T95TCII
3,6895 1/220.0L80 IRPLTC
11,7805 1/226.0L80SLHT
11,094732.0P110PLAIN END
9,5447 29.0L80HCLTC
9,3279 5/840.0J55LTC
25,2009 5/840.0TN55THTSH Blue
6,52616 65.0H40BTC