About Alpine Tubular Management

Alpine is a unique model that focuses on the conventional aspects of the supply chain of tubular products and the essential accessories typically supplied by tubular distributors. How Alpine differs from other service providers in their field is the integrated approach they take with aligning with their clients and their tubular inventory needs. With proper alignment, Alpine inherits their customers inventories as if it was their own. Alpine has chosen not to carry any tubular and have created an opportunity to always work within the best interest of their client to reduce and use reuse any available inventory.


Cultural acceptance of the importance and value in forecasting OCTG is the first step in obtaining good information from stakeholders. Alpine believes that educating these stakeholders in the current steel market conditions, overall drilling activity, and the availability of particular tubular products gives an insight to the reality of the steel market and the expected cost savings of securing supply with a primary supplier.

Alpine leverages a tool and process that makes the creation and review of an OCTG forecast easy to visualize and confirm. In the example below an engineer can quickly review how many wells he/she has planned for a particular program, how many rigs will complete this program, how long each well will take to drill, the start and finish dates of both the program and individual well. And of course, the casing he/she will use on each well.

The steel mill benefits from having a snap shot of what materials will be used in the different geographical areas. As the screen shot illustrates below, this is exactly what Alpine provides from information automatically complied from the Gantt chart above. Totals of each size weight and grade can be rolled up to show what is forecasted in each month and in the different FOB points. This information can also be expanded to see on what wells the material will be used.

Supplier Liaison and Management

Alpine's aim is to understand, document and administer all stakeholder expectations so that they can not only act on behalf of their client’s best interests but also strive to improve the effectiveness and efficiency along the supply chain. We want to promote common goals, open dialogue, and partnerships.

By establishing expectations, individual, and joint KPIs/metrics along the supply chain and having Alpine administer and report on this quarterly, will create synergy, and accountability throughout the supply chain which will lead to a lower cost of ownership.

Order Coordination

A highly effective process has been developed by Alpine, working in collaboration with the client to ensure that any inventory purchases are physically stored and tracked at approved yards. Modifications to any material can be coordinated by Alpine that includes the logistics to and from all service providers involved.

For product going to inventory, Alpine requisitions the material to the storage yard and is then receipted to this final location. If any additional modifications are applied to the material e.g. stripping, slotting, coating, handling, etc., Alpine requisitions the material to go from the original vendor to the vendor who will be providing the additional services. Based on the engineers request, Alpine will arrange for the material to be moved to the appropriate location and update the release and resend to all affected parties.

All material is tracked and managed with Alpine’s I/C (Inventory Control System). When items are shipped from a controlled stock point/service provider to a drilling or completion rig the material is tracked from the original shipment to final consumption or disposition of the material.

Strategic Sourcing

Alpine has strategically taken the position of not being aligned with a mill, distributor, or inventory that would compromise the best interest of our clients. This position in the market allows Alpine to procure from multiple sources of supply and has the ability to manage procured material from any alternative source without conflict.

Alpine has worked very closely with its client’s primary supplier Tenaris to achieve an 89% success rate in delivered forecasted material. We have established relationships with many mills, end users and distributors to source material on behalf of our client in the most economical means. Alpine is proud to maintain a 99.9% success rate of delivery of required material in the times required.

With the ability to reach out to as many options for mill rolling’s or available inventory, Alpine’s goal is to create and present several options for material to the engineer so a decision can be reached based, not only on price per meter, but as well as other factors such as country of origin or logistic considerations.

Inventory Management

Alpine’s unique model enables the utilization and management of client owned inventory. Acting as the conduit between new purchased materials and used or inventoried stock, the Alpine team is able to release, track and re-use inventory and provide all necessary documentation for audit trails.

As part of the implementation with any of Alpine’s clients, the client’s entire tubular inventory is loaded into Alpine’s Inventory Control System. This system, a module of Alpine’s ERP system, is the foundation for visibility and availability of material that ensures older inventory is used first and avoids the purchase of new material.